Welcome to the EDUCATE Portal

This area of the website is dedicated to our efforts to educate the public about disability history, contributions, and issues, and foster future generations of advocates. This is possible through our partnerships with individuals and organizations throughout the United States.

Educate Goals

Our education goals are simple:

  • Encourage and support efforts to raise public awareness of disability history, contributions, and issues.
  • Encourage and support efforts to educate and foster future generations of disability advocates.

Educate Work Group

Our education efforts are informed and directed by our Education Work Group. Its members include:

  • Kit Albrecht – UCSD Student and Disability Activist
  • Robert Ardinger – Ardinger Consultants & Associates
  • Kara Ayers – UC UCEDD
  • Tammy Berberi – University of Minnesota/Society for Disability Studies
  • Deb Cotter – Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
  • Andrea Dinaro – Curriculum Director
  • Margaret Fink – University of Chicago
  • Sandy Goodwick – Advocate and Teacher
  • Jeff Michaels – WCIL
  • Christina Mills – California Foundation for Independent Living Centers,
  • Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud
  • Kim Nielsen – Author, A Disability History of the United States
  • Bethany Stevens – Georgia State University
  • Suzanne Stolz – Kids Included Together, UCSD
  • Laura Van Tosh – Van Tosh Consulting

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