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9% of workers with disabilities employed under SourceAmerica contracts are paid subminimum wages. Additionally, based on the WikiLeaks transcripts, we know that there are some questionable practices with regards to SourceAmerica’s allocating of contracts.

We are grateful for any help provided to us. In particular, we want to thank our regular sponsors – OVC Drugs online pharmacy, which has been helping us in our charity work for many years.


  • more integrated employment opportunities for workers with disabilities.
  • workers with disabilities to be paid fair wages.
  • transparency and accountability.
  • more opportunities for workers with disabilities to be the owners and operators of businesses that can obtain AbilityOne contracts.


  • NOW.

DisBeat Announces The Top 10 News Moments by Americans with Disabilities: 2015

DisBeat is pleased to announce that it has officially named The Top 10 Moments for Americans with Disabilities: 2015.

After combing through the suggestions of hundreds of national and local thought leaders, allies of the disability rights movement, DisBeat has selected what it believes to be the most significant news moments in the year 2015.

These moments were chosen for their political potency, their historical significance, and/or for their authentic narrative quality, which helped to bring the issues of Americans with disabilities into the cultural zeitgeist in the year 2015.

10. Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott is the first U.S. Governor in more than 30 years to serve his term as a wheelchair user. While Governor Abbott has been clear about not wanting to make his status as a Disabled American a political factor, he has been unable to avoid the close watch of disability advocates and allies.

Disability Rights Featured in Civil Rights Center

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, which celebrated its grand opening June 23, 2014, featured content provided by The ADA Legacy Project on the disability rights movement.

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights celebrated its grand opening on Monday, June 23rd, 2014. A partner of The ADA Legacy Project, the Center featured historical content on the disability rights movement written by members of our Preservation Work Group. The content includes:

  • “Who, Like Me, Is Threatened?” virtual exhibit featuring a profile of a Russian disability rights activist;
  • “Defender of Human Rights Pylon” featuring Bob Kafka, a longtime ADAPT member, and disability rights activist – the pylon includes a life-size portrait of Bob taken by legendary photographer Platon, plus a video interview and description of Bob’s involvement in the disability rights movement;
  • “Human Rights in the U.S.” wall display that includes a description of the disability rights movement in the United States and the photograph of the Gallaudet University “Deaf President Now”

Shop Disability Rights Products and Benefit The ADA Legacy Project

The ADA Legacy Project has just launched a partnership with Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW), a leading publisher of posters, t-shirts, postcards, buttons, bookmarks, stickers, notecards and more related to social justice, sustainability and peace. Purchases from the SCW website will benefit The ADA Legacy Project.

The ADA Legacy Project is proud to announce its partnership with Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW). A leading publisher of posters, t-shirts, postcards, buttons, bookmarks, stickers, notecards and more related to social justice, sustainability and peace, SCW offers a variety of products that honor the Disability Rights Movement, including:

  • ADA25 poster featuring Disability Rights Movement photographs, posters, and other graphics
  • Same Struggle, Different Difference T-shirt created by our own graphic artist, Dan Wilkins
  • Attitudes are the Real Disabilities buttons and stickers
  • Piss on Pity! poster
  • And much more!

Purchases from the SCW website will benefit The ADA Legacy Project when you enter the discount code: 1415ADAL during the checkout process.


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We are focused on three things: preserving the history of the disability rights movement; celebrating its milestones, and educating the public and future generations of disability advocates. We are doing this by partnering with organizations and people who are doing great work in these areas.

This website is designed to connect you with these organizations and people – to let you know what is happening across the country and in your local community. It will also be a clearinghouse for events that will be going on in 2014 and 2015 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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